Josera Renal Dry Cat Food

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Josera Renal Dry Cat Food, available at MiniPetsWorld, is a specialized diet formulated to support the kidney health of cats. Does your cat suffer from kidney disease? In such cases, the right feed can provide relief: Feed such as our Josera Help Renal, which has been specially tailored to cats with kidney problems. Because many cats with kidney disease often eat poorly – the high acceptance of the medicated dry feed helps here. Josera helps Renal promote nutrient supply day after day – with all the important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that the cat needs. The protein- and phosphorus-reduced recipe also helps to relieve the kidneys in particular. To compensate, each kibble of the complete dietary feed is rich in B vitamins, which would otherwise be increasingly lost through the kidneys in such a condition. The nettle contained in the photogenic complex is traditionally used for flushing therapy of the draining urinary tract and is also valued for its anti-inflammatory properties. The sick kidney is relieved and thus the well-being of the cat is increased. Unfortunately, the process of the disease can usually only be slowed down.

Ingredients: Dietary complete feed with gluten-free recipe for adult cats with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI), dried greaves protein, poultry fat, rice, maize, dried beet pulp (natural source of dietary fiber), dried potato, potato protein, hydrolyzed animal protein, minerals, poultry liver hydrolysate, salmon oil, oregano, ginger, rosemary, nettle, milk thistle, cranberry

Feeding recommendation: 

Weight inactive / older normally active / active
2-3 kg 30-40 g 40-50 g
3-4 kg 40-45 g 50-60 g
4-5 kg 45-55 g 60-70 g
5-7 kg 55-70 g 70-90 g
7-10 kg 70-85 g 90-115 g

For optimal effect, only feed the diet feed. Additional feedings must be discussed with the attending veterinarian in advance. Ensure that your pet always has access to fresh drinking water.